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Worlds Funniest Traffic Rules

Worlds Funniest Traffic Rules

Sit back and check these Ridiculous Traffic Rules around the world.

In New Orleans and Memphis an antiquated law that is still somehow in existence is about women driving. If they must drive, they have to have a man sitting in the front, holding a warning flag.
Police officers in New Jersey have a very sensitive disposition evidently, because you’re not allowed to frown at them. Smile wide as you receive your ticket.

You might fail a driving test in Japan, if you don’t bend low enough to make certain that there are no cats hiding under the car before you start it. Wow

Until quite recently, nobody needed to take a driving test before they got their license there! All you had to do was promise to be a `good and responsible’ driver. That’s it. Now, after a lot of accidents have taken place because drivers did not keep their promise, now people have to submit to a proper driving test like the rest of us. 

In Denmark, you got to bend down and look under the car too. For kid.

If an officer stops you, and finds even a speck of dirt that he/she doesn’t like, you’re going to be in some legal trouble for driving a dirty car. Can't imagine if this rule to be applied her in Australia.

If you stop to let people walk safely past your car, you’re breaking road rules. Just whizz right by them, and you’re okay.

Your adorable habit of being nice to passersby with a finger wave will get you a fine because nobody is allowed to lift their fingers off the steering wheel on the island. Not even to eat or drink while driving. Imagine this rules applies in Sydney and you are driving through the M5 , good luck keeping your fingers on the steering wheel.

The city is colour coded, to allow only certain cars on certain streets on certain days. For example, if your license number plate ends with a 1 or 2, you are not allowed to drive on most major roadways between 7 am and 7 pm on Mondays. Who cares about getting to work!!

You don’t get to bring your own bottle of booze on the road. You need to bring the breath-analyser. Your own breath-analyser.

Germany’s famous autobahn – their equivalent of our motorways – with no speed limit. It is strictly illegal to run out of gas when you’re on it.

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