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The NSW Government’s work on driverless vehicle technology

The NSW Government’s work on driverless vehicle technology

The NSW Government’s work on driverless vehicle technology

The NSW Government is already investigating driverless vehicle technology. If the technology is rolled out, experts believe Australia’s annual road and injury toll, and cost (around $27 billion per year) could be reduced significantly.

This investigation is occurring through a number of means, such as through the Staysafe Committee’s inquiry into driverless vehicles and road safety in NSW, which started this year, and also by partnering with various transport, government, technology and academia leaders to host the inaugural Future Transport Summit, held in April also in this year.  
The Staysafe Committee inquiry’s terms of reference included the:

  • capacity of driverless vehicles to deliver improved road safety 
  • new and changes to existing legislation, to facilitate the introduction of driverless vehicles
  • domestic and overseas experiences of preparing and rolling out driverless vehicles.

Some of the inquiry’s outcomes were:
  • a nationally agreed framework was imperative to identify costs for providing and maintaining new infrastructure to support the new technology
  • how the technology will interact with pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists
  • investigating challenging areas such as insurance, liability and data security.

The final NSW Government response is due on 22 March 2017. For more information, please visit www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/committees/inquiries/Pages/inquiry-details.aspx?pk=1972.
The Inaugural Future Transport Summit, which included Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, and NSW Minister for Roads, Freight and Maritime, Duncan Gay, was held to discuss ideas on how to use technology to improve transport in the future. 

Some of the potential benefits discussed were:
  • productivity improvements for passengers, to enable focus on other things as opposed to driving
  • reducing the number of vehicles needing to be owned, as unused cars could be efficiently deployed from a central centre to be used more often by others
  • multi-purpose uses, such as for conferencing, office space and sleeping. 

For more information, please visit future.transport.nsw.gov.au/technology/events/summit-2016/

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