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Correct Tyre Pressure

Correct Tyre Pressure

Save money by checking your tyre pressure

How does incorrect tyre pressure cost you more money?
1. More petrol is used to achieve the same speed.
Under-inflated tyres create more drag, meaning your car has to work harder to achieve the same speed that it would if the tyres weren't under-inflated.
2. Tyres need replacing earlier.
Underinflated tyres results in the outer edges of the tyre tread wearing more quickly, whereas overinflated tyres results in the centre tread of the tyre wearing more quickly.
Where can I find the correct pressure for my tyres?
The maximum tyre pressure is on the sidewall (the side of the tyre that faces you when it's fitted). It will be a double digit number with the letters "psi" after it. Around five psi less than this number is the correct tyre pressure that should be maintained.
How do I check and inflate/deflate the tyre pressure?
Most petrol stations have a free air pump. On each tyre, find the cap and unscrew it. Connect the air pump nozzle to the valve on the tyre and hold it down. You will know it is connected properly when you hear a hiss sound. On the indicator of the pump, refer to the pressure (psi) to check the pressure. Don't hold it for too long as the hissing noise means you are slowly deflating the pressure from the tyre. To inflate the tyre, press the handle. If the pressure is too high, release the handle, but keep the air pump nozzle on the valve of the tyre until it gets it the pressure rating you are after.
Once you are done, don’t forget to put the cap back on the valve of the tyre.
How often should I check my tyre pressure?
Generally, it would be a good idea to check it once a week, although it depends on much you travel. The more you travel, the more regularly you should check it.
Program a reminder in your mobile phone's calendar to remind you to do it at a set date and time every week. Perhaps Friday 6pm every week, might be a good start.

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